Sean and Lydia married in 1998 and have made glorifying God their pursuit of life and home. Their love of music is an integral part of Sean Tabb Ministries. When ‘The Tabbs’, as many affectionately call them come in to minister, they bring the ‘full package’ of preaching and music.

Sean has worked in nearly every aspect of full-time ministry, including pastoring. Now, as an evangelist, his fiery and instructional preaching is impacting people all over the world to seek God.

Lydia is an accomplished pianist, singer, songwritter as well as a speaker. She wrote her first song in 2006 which God has touched many times over.

The Tabb children have become an invaluable addition to the Tabb ministries touching hearts in their own way. God has blessed Ashley, Ellisa, Sabrina, and Jessalynn with servants’ hearts and beautiful voices. Brenden, is ‘all boy’ with his own a love for music, his singing steals the heart.

The Tabb Family’s ministering keeps them going year-round so that they have lived full-time on the road for 13 years. Yearly, they travel from coast to coast in the US and in multiple foreign countries preaching and singing conferences, revivals, youth camps, rally’s, tent meetings, campmeetings and music events as well as their own specific outreaches – HOTYHC, GTC, YSC, STEM.

Starting, at first, with just Sean and Lydia, the Tabb Family’s Music has grown over the years as every one of the children started singing on-stage before they were 2 years old. They recorded 10 albums during the ‘growing’ years but, starting in 2018, they recorded their first ‘radio quality’ professional album. When ministering in song at churches, the family is adaptable to whatever that specific church wishes – whether it be just basic piano, or, to also incorporate a full-band soundtrack sound.

Sean, Lydia, Ashley, Ellisa, Sabrina, Jessalynn and Brenden are members of Celebration Baptist Church in Greensboro, GA where Kenny Marr is the pastor.

Partners in STM are invaluable, allowing Evangelist Sean Tabb and The Tabb Family to continue to go and to minister. Since the beginning, it has been their policy not to put an up-front price on their ministering but to make every effort to go any distance and to any place ‘small’ or ‘great’.
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