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2019 Mission Trips

Philippines- April

Looking at these pictures makes my heart skip a beat as I reminisce on these special memories. I have been on two, 12 day mission trips to the Philippines; Dad has been on countless more. We both share a deep love for this country and the wonderful Christians we have come to know. We would be here all day if I recounted everything God did on our last trip in 2019. Instead I will give you the flash card version best I can remember. We were able to minister to several churches in Manila first. Then flew on a small plane to the Island of Bocolad. There we were able to be apart of a VBS and encourage the precious saints in a couple churches on that island. With the help of a few others we were also able to buy a small motorcycle for a pastor on the island. This way he would be able to do his mission work easier, because he no longer had a way to get anywhere by any type of auto mobile. The Philippines is a huge mission field and is very dear to my heart. The Christians over there labor tirelessly and selflessly to see souls saved, take care of those more poverished than they, and spread the Gospel far and wide in this world. What a beautiful work God is doing in this country. I am blessed and honored to be able to have a small part in serving over there. I cannot wait to be back in a country I love so much!- Ashley Tabb

Cambodia- August

Cambodia. A place that’ll always stick out in my memories. I left a piece of my heart there & what endured me to the people most were the children. Little faces with eyes that looked me curiously, it only took a smile or wave for them to break into grins & decide though I was different they did indeed like me. There was one little girl in particular, Beryl Grace. I’ll never forget her sweetness! She ran up me during a conference & patted my lap. She took a million selfies on my phone, chatted away & was my pal for the rest of the day. I wish I could really express amount of times I’ve dreamed of going back & hugging her again, seeing how she’s grown.

In Cambodia I was able to experience God’s presence in a different way. I remember one service in particular as the voices of God’s people were lifted in praise. Though I couldn’t understand the words, God’s presence was evidenced I and teared up just to think – It does not matter where you go, your nationality, or the language you speak, if you are worshipping the Lord..

All barriers are let down, and suddenly none of that matters anymore.

Christ is worthy of all praise, honor and glory; when He is lifted up you see & hear Him. -Ellisa Tabb

2o17 Trips


What a joy and honor to minister in the country of Togo in August of 2017. It was seven very busy days of preaching including a 5 day conference and as well as traveling out to preach in several churches. We rejoice for the Lord making an impact through our ministry, for the souls saved and saints stirred. A couple of things that were particular blessing were the inquisitive children and the rewarding conversations with several young men surrendering to be preachers – glory!!


In July of 2017 our family traveled all the way up to Gouldsboro, Main to minister. Solid churches are scant as well as scattered far apart in the upper North Eastern states so most, especially the smaller ones, rarely get the encouragement and renewing that is the “work of an evangelist” as well as singers. So it is our family’s joy to make the effort to bless churches such as Solid Rock Bible Baptist Church in Gouldsboro, Main. They are using the huge gymnasium building that was donated to them to develop community outreach programs as a means of spreading the Gospel to a depressed society laiden with drugs and alcohol steaped in false religion.


Reaching to the Philippines has been part of our ministry for several years now. Our main effort is made as delegates of The AIM Foundation which has grown from supporting 13 to nearly 250 ministers and laborers. Every year we spend 10 days doing Pastor’s Conferences, Youth Rallys, preaching in churches, as well as opportunities to minister to schools, universities, military and police. 2017 is the year I ate balute for the first and last time 😀!

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